Start A Video Chat With Anyone.

Quickchat lets you have a realtime HD-video chat with anyone right in your web browser. There is no application or plugin to download and install. It is the fastest way to start talking to anyone using a computer.

Just send someone a Quickchat invite and Quickchat creates and emails to them a unique and private link for your video chat. When they click on the link, you can start talking. It is that simple.

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Share Your Screen

Quickchat is the easiest and fastest way to share your screen with someone. As with Quickchat's video chat, screen sharing is direct and secure. And when your screen share is complete, Quickchat seamlessly switches back to your full-HD video chat.

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Transfer Files Directly and Privately.

We believe sharing a file with someone should not be hard. With Quickchat, you can share files directly with the person you are chatting with. All files are transfered over an encrypted browser-to-browser connection. This means all file transfers are secure, fast and private.

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Rich Realtime Text-based Chat.

Realtime HD-video chat is the fastest way to communicate. But sometimes you want to share images or links as well. When you paste a link to an image in the integrated realtime text chat window, Quickchat detects and shows the image inline; no download needed.

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