FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Do all participants in a chat need to have a subscription to chat?

    No, only one person needs to have a subscription and that individual can invite whomever they wish. The invitee will receive an email with a link to the chat. By clicking on that link, they will be taken directly to a chat room. No payment. No signup. No forms to fill out. No plugins to install. Just fast and quick chatting!

  • Are there any software requirements to use Quickchat?

    There is only one requirement to use Quickchat for video chat: a modern web browser. We strongly recommend Google Chrome. But Firefox is awesome and works too. Currently, these two browsers are the only ones that support WebRTC. However, this may likely change in the future as other web browsers improve.
    To see the full list of supported broswers see WebRTC browser support. You can use Quickchat for text chat on most modern browsers, even on mobile.

  • How do I use QuickChat with Slack?

    Connecting and using Quickchat with Slack is easy. Follow the steps on our Slack support page.

  • What is WebRTC?

    Quickchat uses WebRTC, a soon to be finalized web standard that allows for peer-to-peer communication between web browsers. With WebRTC, for the first time ever, web browsers can communicate securely with one another directly. This means fast, reliable, private and secure communication; the most exciting of which is video. Quickchat’s servers make it easy for your web browser and those of others you are chatting with to find eachother at the beginning of the chat. Quickchat’s servers never actually sees the video or any other data sent peer-to-peer.

  • Does Quickchat support group video chat?

    Quickchat only supports two computers in a single video chat. We think this provides the optimal video chat experience.

  • Are there any limits to file sizes I can send?

    There are no file size transfer limits, but large files consume more memory and bandwidth which can lead to pauses or dropped video. In our testing, sending files up to 100MB was no problem when using common broadband Internet services; but sending very large files could temporarily adversely affect your computer’s or network performance.

  • Why can’t I send files from Chrome to someone who is using Firefox?

    Currently, Firefox and Chrome’s peer-to-peer data transfer facilities are incompatible. We expect this limitation to change in the future.

  • Does Quickchat store my credit card number?

    No. Our payment provider, Stripe, securely processes all payments. Our servers never saves or even sees any of your credit card details.
    You can read about Stripe’s security practices.

  • Do I need a credit card to sign up for a Quickchat trial?

    Yes, but no charges will be made to your card until after the trial period. So, you are free to try out Quickchat during the trial period and cancel at any point from your account page.

  • What are the system requirements for screen sharing?

    Currently, screen sharing is only supported in later versions for Chrome. While anyone can view a shared screen, Chrome requires users install a custom browser extension to enable screen sharing. This extension only needs to be installed the first time sharing your screen.

  • Does screen sharing only share my browser window?

    No, Quickchat's screen sharing can share any single window of running applications or your entire screen.

  • Does screen sharing allow others to control my screen?

    No, screen sharing only allows the other person to see your shared window or screen and not control it.

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