Start A Video Chat In Slack.

Quickchat lets you start a realtime HD-video chat from Slack. There is no application or plugin to download and install. It is the fastest way to start talking to anyone using Slack.

Add Quickchat to Slack

Add Quickchat to Slack and subscribe to start talking.

  1. Add Quickchat to Slack

  2. Pick a Plan and Subscribe

Invite a Slack user to a video chat

Once Quickchat is added to Slack, use the /quickchat Slack slash command with a Slack username to create a unique link for your one-on-one video chat; the other user is automatically sent the link in Slack.

For example, if I wanted to start a video chat with my team member @katherine, I would the following slash command:

Start Talking

Clicking on the link takes you to a personalized and secure video chat page. From your video chat page, you can also share your screen and files with the other user.

More Help

See our support page for more help or features page to learn more about Quickchat.